Kabul Should Not Forget: ‘Turkey Was a Major Part of the NATO Mission in Afghanistan’ By Lindsey SNELL Prior to the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan last month, Ankara had sought to promote dialogue and cooperation with the insurgent group, in particular, to ensure Turkey maintains a role in the operation ofContinue Reading

By Ben SHAPIRO In 1629, frustrated by the unwillingness of Parliament to grant him taxation power, King Charles I of England dissolved the body and had nine members arrested. He did not recall Parliament for over a decade. The intervening period, known as Personal Rule, saw Charles I govern asContinue Reading

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In Sarasota, Florida, the FBI at first denied having any documents relating to the hijackers who were living there, but eventually handed over 80,000 pages that might be relevant under the Freedom of Information Act. Last week President Joe Biden decided to release other documents from the FBI’s overall investigation.Continue Reading

By Hedwig KUIJPERS New documents show that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) still owes $137 million dollars to Genel Energy PLC, an Anglo-Turkish company that began exploiting Kurdistan’s oil fields just prior to the commencement of the US occupation of Iraq. The KRG owes the company this amount despite already paying Genel Energy $33.7 million dollarsContinue Reading

By Lawrence DAVIDSON Part I. An Insider Debate It was predictable. As America’s longest war—the 20-year conflict in Afghanistan—wound down, a debate over the nation’s foreign policy wound up. One might assume that is just what the country needs: a thorough public examination of its doings abroad, the motives behind them, andContinue Reading

The Multipolar Alliance has demonstrated a profound understanding of the oncoming collapse and has made many maneuvers to establish a new financial, security, economic architecture, Matt Ehret writes. During the past weeks, the world saw Eurasian nations take great strides towards the inevitable creation of an alternative financial system capableContinue Reading