Edward Snowden NFT Sells For $5.4 Million In Ethereum Authored by Jeff Benson via Decrypt.co, An NFT artwork created by Edward Snowden has sold for $5.4 million in Ethereum. “Stay Free” portrays the NSA whistleblower and exiled American with hand on chin like a modern Rodin statue. Look closer, however, and you’ll find the imageContinue Reading

Woke Capital Is Destined To Become A Relic Authored by Peter Earle via The American Institute for Economic Research, In a market economy, consumers vote with their dollars. The survival and growth of a business depends pivotally upon how effectively they convince customers to buy their products over those ofContinue Reading

Iconic Retail Investor “Roaring Kitty” Doubles Down On Gamestop, Now Owns 200,000 Shares You won’t find Roaring Kitty Capital, LP in any Goldman Sachs salestrader’s rolodex but to the millions of WallStreetBets daytrading fanatics, the name Roaring Kitty is far more popular than Bridgewater, Citadel, or Millennium. And for goodContinue Reading

Greenwald: Journalists, Learning They Spread A CIA Fraud About Russia, Instantly Embrace A New One Authored by Glenn Greenwald via greenwald.substack.com, That Russia placed “bounties” on the heads of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan was one of the most-discussed and consequential news stories of 2020. It was also, as it turnsContinue Reading

Iran Says “New Understanding” Reached In Vienna Nuclear Talks Iran’s risky ‘counter-pressure’ campaign appears to be working. A mere day after the Islamic Republic announced obtaining 60% enriched uranium, there’s talk of rapid “progress” made Saturday, according to the latest out of Vienna:  Talks on Iran’s contentious nuclear program haveContinue Reading

“How Much Does The Current Structure Benefit Us?”: AOC Questions Role Of Supreme Court In Defending Court-Packing Authored by Jonathan Turley, It often seems that our politics of rage has created a new age of berserkers, warriors revered for their blind destructive fury. In order to distinguish yourself from theContinue Reading

Twitter Promotes Conservative Doxxing Article Based On ‘Hacked’ Materials — Violating Own Policy Used To Protect Hunter Biden Twitter hypocrisy is on full display, and they aren’t even trying to hide it. After banning the New York Post and others for a factual report on Hunter Biden’s not hacked laptopContinue Reading